Sewer and Drain Cleaning

 Hairy Drain

We've all put things down the drain that we're not supposed to. Grease, food, hair, maybe even cigarette butts. And guess what happens? CLOGS! A & E Pro Services can take care of these nasty backups for you. Take a look at a list of some of the things we have serviced or repaired:

bath tubs

bath sinks


set tubs

kitchen sinks

septic lines 

Washer/laundry lines

indirect waste pipes

toilet repair

sewer lines/main drains

dishwasher lines

faucet repair

area drains

roof drains

tub and shower repair

grease lines

trench drains 

hose bib repair

shower drains

storm drains

well pump repair

soil stacks

catch basins

water heater repair


garage drains 

leak repair

floor drains

perimeter drains

pool pump repair


bar drains  

 and much more!!!!!!

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